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Key Tips on How to Buy Clothes Online

Are you tired of buying clothes online, getting frustrated for the wrong size, late delivery and poor customer service? This article will give an overview of how this stress should be eliminated by analyzing several tips to follow when buying clothes online. Remember that shopping online can be an awesome experience, no need to leave…

What are the Benefit of A healthy lifestyle?

What are the Benefit of A healthy lifestyle?

This article is designed to reach out to the public using a simple and concise method for explaining and embracing the healthy lifestyle benefits while reducing the chronic diseases risks. With our bodies’ the understanding that we have acquired from research in recent decades, the effects of a healthier lifestyle are becoming increasingly evident, along…

What is this Fashion World all about?

What is this Fashion World all about?

Fashion is one of the world’s most fascinating topics. It’s a major part of most society. In different cultures diverse clothing is worn. There are several colours and variation of clothes worn by various people in different regions of the world. A variety of different designs, colours, clothes and accessories are available. To get a…


We all love a good dress. That amazing shoe or epic jumpsuit. What we don’t love is when those delightful designs hang in our closet, day after day. We all suffer from the need to shop till we drop, more often that not but truth be told, we are our own worst nightmare when it comes to variety. We hear it all the time, but the fact remains -we’ve all got a bit of hoarder in us. Now there ain’t no shame in that game, but better to do something about it, if not for your wallet then for the hope that those beloved designs don’t end up in landfills. Enter Goldies Studio; we scout, we sell, we shoot, we ship. It’s easy as 1,2,3. Don’t believe us, call or email us for more details on how we can curate your closet!

In a way, Goldies Studio is one of those landfill stopping superheroes hoping to save unwanted garments from a life sentence in a landfill. Dramatic, just a bit but in a world of fast fashion, Goldies Studio aims to slow things down by not only selling your goods but also collecting your donations, running DIY upcycling events and hosting informative workshops about sustainability. Goldies Studio is offering earth loving people an opportunity to buy or create something sustainable without breaking the bank.

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