Why Offer Your Art Online-What are its benefits?

Look at some of the factors why you should try selling your art online. In the real world, you have to sell your art in galleries, art markets, fairs, libraries or any location that would encourage you to position and sell your art. Now note to pick up your artwork and show it to some places, and in certain cases hanging up the painting itself. Often note that the pieces you don’t sell need to be stripped, packed and shipped back to your home or studio

When you sell your artwork online, though, you only put some pictures of your artwork on a website with some size, medium, and price detail, and depending on where you put it, you may be able to keep your artwork there forever. And if the artwork doesn’t sell on a platform where it has to be replaced, a picture and some details are what you have to remove. No boxes and no cumbersome paintings to bring back and forth.

You have Total Control

You take over absolute ownership of your art career by selling your arts online. No more intermediaries will tell you how much to buy your art for and then take a cut of your money when the art sells. Galleries will slash the art sales by 40 to 50 per cent everywhere. Art Festivals can charge anywhere from $200 to $500 fees just to participate in the festival and insist that you have some product to pay for. If at the festival you don’t sell anything you are just out of all that money.

If you’re selling your art online, you’ll be able to decide when and for how long you’ve got your art on a website, and while there are some websites that will charge you to get your art on them, most of the places are free, and usually very small ones. And most sites where you can sell your art online will encourage you to set your own price, and they won’t charge you a commission. So you can continue to sell 100 per cent of your work. Even on most platforms, you can put up as many or as little as you want to allow you to put art on their pages.

A Worldwide Customer Base

Typically your art sales are confined to the location where your art is at the moment when you sell your art in the real world. If you show your art sales in a gallery are limited to that gallery and the people who enter that gallery. If you see your art at a fair, then your art sales will be limited to those people who see your art at that show. I believe you have a picture. Your art sales will be limited to local or regional sales, as the real world must be part of it.

Professionalism is crucial to the whole process. Above all you need to know your job. If you’re a photographer, you’ll need to be an expert on all of your camera and print issues related to that. Is this a limited or boundless edition of these pieces.

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