Clothing Brands that Support Sustainability

Every other day, we look forward to a great and confident one. This cannot be crowned if fashion is not in place. Today’s clothing is not about how expensive it is but focuses more on sustainability, ethics, and affordability.

Fast fashion is one of the clothing that gives a decent look at a low price and mostly emphases on short term use. It’s just fast and cheap and, in most cases, will only be used for a given season, and then it wears out.

While the fashion industry is into the latest trends, style, and color, several clothing brands have taken an interest in supporting sustainability. These have sustainable fabrics with long-lasting, organic, and conventional fibers to make it safer for the people wearing them.

Some of these brands are highlighted here below;


This is a famous brand made from an Egyptian cotton that is soft and outstandingly breathable. Its cost is well managed because the manufacturer works hand in hand with the farmers such that there are no brokers in between.

Among the most remarkable trending items include the classic white tees and also the nostalgic 90’s sweatshirts.

It’s a brand well known for making quality wear and at a reasonable price.

Alternative Apparel

With Alternative Apparel, their clothing is made of recycled materials and organic cotton. For those people that trend on casual wear, this is the best brand to search for T-Shirts, hoodies, leggings, and the like.

The ethical standards applied when manufacturing the clothing is very strict, and its packaging is sustainable.

With Alternative Apparel, the whole family is sorted with styles of choice.


This brand focuses on Ethics to a high level by producing clothing from organic bamboo, non-toxic, and fair wages to the workers.

Its unique products range from activewear, loungewear, underwear, and also babywear.

The bamboo plan that makes the clothing is typically grown in India with strict adherence to international organic standards, such that no chemicals are used in its life cycle.

It automatically manufactures highly breathable fabric, which is soft and friendly when in contact with the skin.

Besides, there are exemplary gift give backs for any purchase you make of the Boody brand.


It’s worth noting that Levi’s brand focuses on sustainability commitments and high ethical standards from the time of growing the cotton to dyeing and, finally, when it comes to finishing.

Research has that more than 2000 gallons of water get used to making only one pair of jeans.

The finishing process is about making the fabric with less water of about 96%, and this has made Levi’s brand one of the big players in the denim industry.


Another excellent brand that supports sustainability is the Boden, which upholds the high value of ethical trading, recyclable packaging, fair wages, and give backs altogether.

Besides being a sustainable brand, Boden happens to be one of the most loved brands among the British brands and has been in operation for over three decades.

It has a variety of clothing ranging from child wear, men’s wear, and ladies’ wear.

They have sustainable packaging used for shipping all over the world, making new collections every other day.

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