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Cause we all have a problem shopping till we drop

Now there ain't no shame in that game, we're all guilty. But it's time to do something about it; if not for your wallet then for the hope that those beloved designs don't end up in landfills. Clothes in landfills and pollution are a real problem.

but we're here to help you out

Goldies Studio aims to solve that by reinventing your wardrobe and selling items you no longer care for. Let us do the work from wardrobe consultation to sales and turn one mans trash into another mans gold. We come to you, we shoot, we sell and finally we'll ship your garment (or accessory) to its new home, all while getting you a return on your investment. 

Welcome to Goldies Studio

Reinventing or reselling your wardrobe

Sustainable Trendy & Unforgettable

The Gems of Fashion

We've scoured the web for
hidden vintage fashion gems
to make finding that perfect piece
that much easier to find.

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Everlasting designs for your wardrobe

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Vintage Gems

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