One doesn’t have to look far to uncover New York fashion label AMUR’s raison d’être: the company’s unique perspective is communicated within the very context of their name, AMUR serving as an acronym for the phrase “A Mindful Use of Resources.” Interwoven into every nook and cranny of the label’s fashion is the desire to produce an ecologically conscious and sustainability manufactured piece of clothing. Beyond even that, AMUR aims to reconcile sustainability with visual appeal by creating pieces that not only fit seamlessly into modern urban life, but can be worn long past their original conception and debut. In the years prior to creative director Sofia Shannon’s founding of AMUR, Shannon worked for a number of New York fashion labels, having contributed to the collections of designers such as Cynthia Rowley and Ronny Kobo. For Shannon, AMUR was born out of a desire to blend her own personal aesthetic with her own set of values regarding sustainability in the manufacture of clothes. Shannon emphasizes that AMUR garments carry with them a unique confidence that embodies both the stylish and environmentally conscious aspects of the wear. Shannon also emphasizes the label’s focus on sharp lines and visually engaging prints, as well as their consistent inclusion of traditionally feminine details or elements in the clothing.

True to Shannon’s word, all three elements are noticeably present throughout the entirety of AMUR’s Fall ’17 collection. Frills and ruffles lend themselves to a recognizably feminine aesthetic, while a variety of floral and geometric prints capture their viewer with delicate intensity. Though the frills and ruffles make up a considerable portion of each garment- that is, they refuse to fade into the background or take a backseat to other elements of the garment- they maintain a careful balance between being present and being obtrusive, summarily overpowering the entirety of the garment. Instead, these frills and ruffles embody Shannon’s desire for neat, powerful lines and allow many of the pieces to translate easily from chic office wear to clothing appropriate for a night on the town- yet another one of AMUR’s mission objectives. Like many fashion labels concerned with sustainability, AMUR provides information about where they source their materials and how they approach the manufacture of their products. AMUR, however, sets themselves apart with the sheer amount of information they provide about the creation of their clothing, stating that the label uses three categories of fibers in the production of their clothes: natural, cellulosic, and regenerated. The label then goes on to state the environmental benefits of each category of fiber, as well as the benefits such materials can provide for the wearer when used in the composition of their clothing. AMUR has also made a point of partnering with nonprofit, fair-trade organizations such as NEST, and through that partnership, has worked with collectives of artisans in the developing world. Despite its relatively recent debut, AMUR has already become popular among celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, many of whom are often featured on the label’s Instagram. See more & shop AMUR FW'17 here

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