Chasing Unicorns Says the World is Moving Too Fast

Creating pieces meant to last a lifetime, to be passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, Chasing Unicorns is the exact opposite of fast fashion. Each Chasing Unicorns article is ethically and slowly made by hand with old world craftsmanship at the heart of their production. Alongside their crafted pieces are carefully selected vintage items that compliment their collections.

Outfitting women, men and children, Chasing Unicorns' vibe is relaxed and artisanal, sprinkled with nostalgic magic and notes of Rock & Roll. Cuts and detailing are inspired by decades gone by, imperfect hand-made details are embraced, and dresses are named after beloved songs of the past.

Chasing Unicorns is truly bohemian – reminding us to slow down, reconnect and live freely. Just what Mother Earth ordered.

You can chase the unicorns here

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