Fashion is expressive, and it should definitely be based off what you like. Ideally, it is supposed to be about finding what makes you look beautiful at any occasion and while there are a few rules that just should be followed (I mean, under no circumstances should you wear Chelsea boots or jumpsuit to your wedding), your reliance on trends when picking out your wedding dress should be minimal.

This is why fashion is ideally supposed to be what you make of it.

Need more convincing? Take a look:

Getting dressed is easier

It's actually very true. When you do not have to dress for the sake of meeting up with the standards that have been set by various vogues and trends, it becomes much easier for you to just get dressed and look at your best for yourself. You are able to maximize your own comfort, and that means that you will feel much less tired at the end of the day.

Embrace the opportunity to stand out

Sometimes, choosing to go against what is considered as a trend when looking at choices for your wedding dress can be your own form of making a fashion statement.

Sometimes, you're subconsciously creating your own "thing" by choosing not to conform to what is seen as the "in thing."

Certain trends might not make you feel happy and confident

Whatever it is that you wear; you should wear it because it makes you happy. On any day, you should definitely be confident and sure of yourself, especially when it comes to what you're wearing. Wearing anything just because of the fact that it is "in vogue" can end up making you uncomfortable, and that will reduce your confidence.

To solve this, make sure to wear what makes you happy and comfortable. Do this, and there's no doubt that you'll feel much better about yourself.  

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