When MiaDonna founder and CEO Anna-Mieke Anderson discovered that the diamond she owned possessed a violent and destructive history, she didn’t just swear off diamonds- she set out to change an entire industry. Anderson started MiaDonna, named after her daughter and her mother, in 2005 out of Portland, Oregon with the intention of bringing ethics and femininity to the diamond trade via a man-made alternate to earth-mined diamonds. Although Anderson was told time and time again that her quest for man-made, “conflict-free” diamonds would fail, today MiaDonna labs produce synthetic diamonds that Anderson firmly believes are of higher quality than their natural counterparts.

MiaDonna declares that war, violence, displacement, and economic upheaval are destined to appear in any place where diamonds are mined naturally from the Earth; however, these consequences have made a particularly devastating impact on communities in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to the human cost of diamonds, MiaDonna cites the environmental impact of mining for these gems as her reason for seeking a man-made alternative, pointing out that major soil displacement and/or the elimination of soil from sites where diamonds are mined contributes to the distortion and damage of the surrounding ecosystem. The brand also upholds their anti-mining ethics with regard to the metals they use for the backing or bands of their jewelry, utilizing only recycled gold, palladium, and platinum for their product.

However, the efforts of MiaDonna to resolve the brutal impact of diamond mining on both people and the environment doesn’t stop with the company’s production of a man-made alternative. Instead, MiaDonna donates both time and money to projects designed to revitalize and support communities torn apart by diamond mining in sub-Saharan Africa. These efforts have taken the form of MiaDonna’s personal company charity called the Greener Diamond, which not only donates five percent of all MiaDonna profits to the aforementioned communities, but spends an exceptional amount of time developing projects and strategies for these communities so that the projects can be implemented without the help of an administration, which allows MiaDonna to save money and give more back to the communities at hand.

MiaDonna continues to be based out of Portland and provides their services to over thirty countries worldwide, in addition to serving all fifty states of the U.S.

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