Shot in a landfill, Stella McCartney Winter 17 makes us face the enormity of our over-consumerism and problem with waste. A collaboration with artist Urs Fischer and photographer Harley Weir, the campaign features three models (Birgit Kos, Iana Godnia, Huan Zhou) tranversing through a landfill on the Eastern Coast of Scotland, exposing the reality of the mess we are leaving for future generations.

In McCartney’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and waste reduction, she points out the disconnection we have with the planet as we are absorbed in man-made constructed environments where it is easy to over-consume, throw away, and ignore our reality. The brand urges their cause with their own data stating we produce 300 million tons of plastic each year, which is expected to triple by 2050 when the population will jump to approximately 10 billion. The campaign speaks volumes of the need for immediate action. It is a pressing reminder that it is not about shopping brand anymore, it’s about shopping cause with an awareness of what we are supporting.

Stella McCartney W17 features organic cotton, recycled nylon, sustainably sourced viscose and cruelty free materials. Expect super soft jersey, full silhouettes, shades of honey and grass. Highlights include soft knit jumpsuits, the Stella Popper bag and multicolored sneakers.

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