We are self-proclaimed RefBabes. You heard us, we’re opening this post with a statement, and if we’re being totally honest with you, it might as well have been the title.

Seriously, friends, we cannot get enough of The Reformation in our lives. We need a few more cocktail party invitations to validate our splurges, but then again you always need that one dress for those unexpected occasions.

So what’s the big deal?

Fashion is not just about the design. It goes far beyond that—we care more about the big picture. From concept to production, we want to feel great about the clothing we wear. We never want to rock a dress that is harming our planet or, far worse, the result of child labor. We look for designers who put ethics first, and for that reason The Reformation has quickly become a favourite of ours.

The Reformation sources materials that are deemed unusable by mainstream brands, or textiles categorized useless by major fashion houses. In other words, The Reformation is working not only for women but for the planet. We wouldn’t be doing the brand justice if we didn’t say that it gives eco-fashion a great look.

What’s even more amazing, is that in addition to looking out for the environment, The Reformation also understands exactly what women want. Women desire up to date trends that have a great fit and flattering seam lines. So besides manufacturing in a way that keeps our carbon footprint down, the label is also taking into account what women want to wear and the silhouettes that flatter our bodies.

The Reformation just like their name is an awakening. Hey RefBabes, it’s time to take notes: fast fashion is not for consumption, we must all adhere to the fact that our fashion choices are killing what we cherish most. So not that you need any more convincing, but seriously ladies #jointhemovement.

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