Our Story

Something More

Francesca Abony always dreamed of working in fashion and media, but didn't know where to put her energy. She developed Goldie's Fashion Library as a platform to share her favorite styles and never imagined she would grow to stand behind ethical fashion. Although it was a natural progression based off her love of second-hand styles, vintage fashions and ethical trades, Abony knew she wanted to offer something more.   

Fashion Roots 

Abony’s fashion education started at a young age — from summers spent studying
Vogue, while other kids went to camp, to learning about the industry first-hand from her mother, the owner of a women’s boutique. From this experience, she learned how to build a loyal clientele and source international trends. 

 Wake-Up Call 

Abony was able to fulfill her fashion dreams as a buyer for a major boutique, but soon found out there was something dark hiding behind the beauty. After seeing the overselling and waste created in the quickly growing “fast fashion” trend, she started learning more about the sustainable fashion industry. This wake-up call pushed her to transform her side hustle into an eco-friendly effort.